"The world was not; the world will be" Ludwig Anzengruber

When in Rome, do as the Romans do?

In spite of an ever-smaller world, there are some international etiquette traps and blunders which you had better avoid because they might offend your counterpart even when you don't mean to. From greeting rituals to table manners, dress codes and hygiene - your non-verbal appearance also contributes to your business success.

Did you know that, in Asia, silence definitely does not mean consent? Verbal communication in different cultures runs on different principles because it is deeply rooted in (ohne "the") cultural rules of etiquette. Not to "lose face" and to remain silent instead of saying no is just one example. According to an O2 study by Jeff Rodriges in 2008, you can reach the whole world via three connections, so you'd better make sure that you are welcome there.