"You have to pray for miracles; but you have to work for change." (Thomas von Aquin)

Individuality and conformity within a team - a Versus or a Plus?

Many group-based decisions and group-based results appear as if they were based on objectivity and rationality. In reality, they are based on conformity, but the individual and its potential can become eclipsed. And what about motivation?

Did you know that you have to develop a need first in order to get motivated by inner or outer stimuli?

Suppose your team runs like clockwork and works reliably with the seal of quality. It is made of precious metal and you can watch the infallible progress through the sapphire glass. Each little part is unique and exactly performs the function was intended for. Each part supports the other based on an overarching vision. You observe this harmony with pride and experience the whole, which is more than the sum of its parts.