Socio-linguistic studies show that the meaning of information results from the following triangle

  • over 50% from appearance
  • almost 40% from the sound of a voice and the language used
  • less than 10% from the contents

We send and receive messages, 90% of which are determined by feelings. If we apply these facts to business, we can imagine that social skills ultimately decide how effectively and efficiently information is communicated and thus how the existing potential is (or is not) exploited.

At the center of business coaching is your potential or the potential of your team, which we will reflect and regulate together in an interactive process of insight and development. It is a close cooperation between you and me as a coach who is responsible for the process. You are responsible for the expertise about yourself because you bring along your profound experience and only you know whether something is good for you or not. Against this background, coaching can be understood as helping you to help yourself. The aim is to (re-) establish or improve your self-regulation and to realize your full potential.