"Man becomes I from thou." Martin Buber

Thanks to today's intercultural world, changes in social and sexual relations and the extension of our life span, we are confronted with a magnificent diversity of people and their interaction in our professional lives every day. Information which is misunderstood and interpreted personally leads to unnecessary conflicts. So-called “selective perception” plays an important role here; it is a well-known psychological phenomenon in which only certain aspects of the environment are perceived and others are ignored. Further instances of unsuccessful communication, so-called misunderstandings, are based on the fact that for the most part we have no uniform ideas about our terms and definitions but assume that everyone understands what we mean.

Communication processes can be controlled, the necessary conditions and a common language can be created so that the potential of individual uniqueness in cultural diversity can be optimally exploited. I will accompany you in forming a team of autonomy and understanding to create a new (or the next) identity for your organization.